Industrial Content Creation & Message Integration

It Comes Down to Compelling Content That Gets People to Buy. 

Content CreationContent is king.

Quality topical content that succinctly tells your world who you are and what you do is Master of the Search Engine Universe.

 Problem is it takes a lot of time to produce content that really tells your story and motivates people to buy.

Sure, you're the best person in your company to talk about what it is you do. But are you a writer who can create quality content that makes your buyers jump into action, and if you are, do you really have the time to write content while you’re busy running your company?

That's where we can help. We’re the solution. We’re qualified writers who develop attention-getting and action generating content designed to leave an impression with your prospects and customers. Plus, we integrate your message across various sales & advertising channels (because your web site shouldn’t stand alone) to maximize its impact in your market. This is something a lot of web development companies don’t do. We’ve been doing it for years – even before there was an Internet.

CMS4i has its roots in the publishing industry and has an excellent team of business writers, journalists and editors who do market research by asking the right business questions, and then develop relevant content for your site, blog and social media outlets.

 Whether its process control, healthcare, manufacturing, IT, or professional services, CMS4i can provide you with the right creative talent needed to develop the compelling content search engines notice – and that means visitors to your site looking to buy what you have to sell. Call us today to discuss!

"We originally chose a well-known, local website company, thinking their experience would expedite our new site's development. Turned out they knew little about our industry and we never had the time to educate them. CMS4i approached us mid-project and convinced us to cut our losses and go with them. We did and it was a great move. With their background in industrial controls and automation, CMS4i knew exactly how things should be organized and presented. In just a few weeks we had a beautifully designed, well-organized and intelligently structured site. Just about everything was in place. All we had to do was review and make a few small changes. Aside from their industry knowledge, the CMS4i team were very cooperative, eager to make us happy and priced very competitively. I strongly endorse Greg, Steve and their team for any web development job, particularly if you're in the industrial market."

Chris Easton
President - Flow-Tech